Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a Little-Bitty Update

While the rest of the country bids adieu to the swelter of this terribly hot summer, as you begin to watch your leaves change and your winds turn cool and blustery, and as you pack up your shorts for sweaters, we head into our hot season. So I'm going to follow you and pretend that autumn exists here in LA. Maybe we'll try to get seats at a USC football game (a mighty tough ticket to come by!) ~ I think a marching band is just what I need!

There are a few good things about this season, no matter where we happen to be.  Basketball season is just a few months away.  Leaves turn, even here, though you have to look very closely. And the holidays are on their way.  

And for three of us, school is just 2 weeks underway, so it's still thrilling, especially for Lucy, who is taking dance and French, and, as one might expect of Lucy, working extremely hard, making friends quickly, and dressing like the style icon she may be one day.  
Aidan is more interested in crafting his Halloween costume ~ He's Link from the video game "Legend of Zelda":