Friday, July 23, 2010

Willie & Lu and the Gulf

We contribute at least 20% of our profits to environmental, humanitarian, and other charitable orginaizations.  Until further notice, we'll be donating to agencies involved in the oil spill off the southern coast.* 

=> Our June Recipient was The Tri-State Bird Rescue and Rehab: is doing did extraordinary work with oil-soaked birds(who literally "cook" in the summer heat -- not a pretty image, but it's not a pretty situation), as well as birds whose habitats and food sources have been decimated.  We're thrilled to be contributing $50 to this wonderful group, with many thanks to Diane, Julie, Betty, Kelsey, Cathryn, Alison, Stephanie, and Leigh! We're proud to announce the "adoption" of peregrine falcon Ishta Tanka.

The Huffington Post has an excellent page focusing on the disaster that is updated regularly; it includes ways that we can ALL get involved, and lists the remarkable organizations working to protect and rehabilitate wildlife, salvage wetlands, provide support to the residents of the affected areas, and all other aspects of disaster relief. Please visit :

  /adopt-a-bird/peregrine ~ As always, please visit our BLOG for more info!

=>Upon the suggestion of our customer & friend, Diane Turner, we've chosen The AUDUBON SOCIETY as our JULY Recipient.  Please check out the myriad ways this pivotal organization is working in and around the disaster area--and how you can help:

=> Because of our pledge to the Gulf, we've been included in three truly BEAUTIFUL Treasuries.  Please visit each of these curated lists and click on each selection; they are full of beautiful goodies, lovingly chosen, and your purchase helps the many agencies involved in cleanup, wildlife rehab, and humanitiarian aid.  PLEASE visit:

   --:> "Give to the Gulf Coast":

   --:> "The Gulf Coast Blues":

     --:> "SAVE THE GULF":

=> And last but certainly not least:  Shop HELP THE GULF!   "HelpTheGulf is a collective Etsy shop to help the gulf coast recover from the massive BP oil spill. Etsy sellers (including Willie & Lu) have donated their items so that 100% of the proceeds can be given to charity.  We've set up a separate paypal account for this shop. 100% of the proceeds (after etsy & paypal fees) will be donated to charities helping with the Gulf Coast recovery effort. To shop For the Gulf, visit "

! ! ! THANK YOU for your support!  The more you buy, the more we can give ;-} !

*Please note that when donating to agencies in the Gulf, it is important to donate to the organization at large, and generally NOT to its work on the spill.  BP has promised to pay ALL costs incurred by the spill, and has contracted many of these organizations (such as our June recipient, the Tri-State Bird Rescue & Rehab) to do the very necessary cleanup and rehab work.  Any money we give them specifically for the cleanup can ONLY be used for the cleanup, so it simply reduces the amount that BP has to pay, without assisting these agencies.  INSTEAD, just give to the organization, or choose a fund within the organization (e.g. educational programs, outreach, etc.) and direct your money that way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Two New Treasuries!!!

The same earrings (yup, they're that pretty) are featured in two new Etsy treasuries. Puh-lease check the treasuries out, and click click click on each interesting item!  THANKS!

This is a cool collection of some of the great item on SALE at various Etsy stores:


This treasury features the purples and pinks of a perfect twilight:

Don't forget to leave a comment!

xo j

The Gypsy Mama

Up to the MInute with Willie & Lu
Camping - Original Art - Print I

This looks just like the trailer my mother-in-law adopted around 5 years ago.  Michele is an amazing person, truly extraordinary, and she merits way more than a few lines, so I'll write about her later.  In the mean time, you can learn a lot about her from her trailer, which she refurbished and named "Gypsy Mama," after her own incredible mother.  Grams was a single mother, a self-trained artist, and an adventurous traveller, which earned her this nickname.  Michele's trailer (turquoise where the above is red) is parked behind a huge pittosporum tree in her perfect Santa Barbara cottage, and it's the best place in the world to take naps, read books, or settle in with tea and cookies.

I discovered this lovely picture on Etsy.  It's by an artist named Teresa Sheeley, an is a print of an original watercolor.  It made me think of Mickey (that's what the kids call Michele), and that's always a good thing.  

Check out Teresa's art:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

If I Were a Tiny Girl...

Vintage Pink and Peach Maxi Dress, Size XS/SOh I wish I could be a size 6.  Or 8.  In fact, I would really settle for a nice solid 12.  And if I were, I'd shop at my fine (petite) sister-in-law Amy's sweet Etsy vintage clothing shop.  This is what I would wear every day during this nasty hot summer:
Vintage Pink and Peach Maxi Dress, Size XS/SVintage Pink and Peach Maxi Dress, Size XS/SVintage Pink and Peach Maxi Dress, Size XS/SVintage Pink and Peach Maxi Dress, Size XS/S


Visit Amy's shop:

A New Etsy Treasury by ME!

We're in Stone Harbor NJ right now.  You know, probably, that it is my favorite place on earth.  This year, I've touched the shore once only, as I'm happily tethered to my 99 year-old grandmother and my beloved auntie, Barby.  Life is good here.

I made a new Treasury late last night; I was thinking that I wanted to drink a lot of coffee and see if I could stay up longer, and here's what happened:
 ~>>>> Please check out our brand new Treasury, "Jamaica Blue":

PLEASE visit it, check out all the other artists, and let us know what you think!

Since I have no sea or sand pictures, please enjoy some of my bug pictures from recent days.  Reprints available!!!

xo jools

Up to the MInute with Willie & Lu

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seashore Dreams

Our annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore (the REAL, unfettered, non-Snookified Jersey Shore) is half over.  It always seems to be almost time to go as soon as we get here.  My grandmother is my heart of hearts; she is 99, and I don't want to leave her side.  This is the best spot I know for meditation and creativity and naps, not to mention good eats.  Pictures to follow soon...Up to the MInute with Willie & Lu

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rocket Ship to Venice?

Venetian Glass, Bone Rings, Rocket Ship = Infinite Beauty!

We've sold out of almost all of our Galactic Chic jewelry, so that will be the first thing replenished when we get back to the studio.  In the mean time, we have a few new ones ~
This pair I love!

Happy 4th of July, y'all.

A couple of new pairs of earrings...

We're having trouble with our new camera: It's the updated version of our old camera, but for some reason every close-up shot i've taken is "too large" to upload to etsy.  While we try to trouble-shoot, I'm posting a couple of views of new earrings for you to view.  Like everything else in the shop, their sale price will be $20 through September 1, when all prices return to normal.  Email me @ OR convo me through Etsy if you have questions or are interested in buying.  Here's the first pair:

Coming soon:  Funny cat pix and pictures from Lucy's 5th gr. graduation...