Monday, July 19, 2010

The Gypsy Mama

Up to the MInute with Willie & Lu
Camping - Original Art - Print I

This looks just like the trailer my mother-in-law adopted around 5 years ago.  Michele is an amazing person, truly extraordinary, and she merits way more than a few lines, so I'll write about her later.  In the mean time, you can learn a lot about her from her trailer, which she refurbished and named "Gypsy Mama," after her own incredible mother.  Grams was a single mother, a self-trained artist, and an adventurous traveller, which earned her this nickname.  Michele's trailer (turquoise where the above is red) is parked behind a huge pittosporum tree in her perfect Santa Barbara cottage, and it's the best place in the world to take naps, read books, or settle in with tea and cookies.

I discovered this lovely picture on Etsy.  It's by an artist named Teresa Sheeley, an is a print of an original watercolor.  It made me think of Mickey (that's what the kids call Michele), and that's always a good thing.  

Check out Teresa's art:

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