Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Etsy Treasury by ME!

We're in Stone Harbor NJ right now.  You know, probably, that it is my favorite place on earth.  This year, I've touched the shore once only, as I'm happily tethered to my 99 year-old grandmother and my beloved auntie, Barby.  Life is good here.

I made a new Treasury late last night; I was thinking that I wanted to drink a lot of coffee and see if I could stay up longer, and here's what happened:
 ~>>>> Please check out our brand new Treasury, "Jamaica Blue":

PLEASE visit it, check out all the other artists, and let us know what you think!

Since I have no sea or sand pictures, please enjoy some of my bug pictures from recent days.  Reprints available!!!

xo jools

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  1. mom this is amazing i absolutely love the pics. 2 cute! =)

  2. them there critters look purdy cool!

  3. Them look pretty ornery to me.

    Big NY