Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things That Get a B+ Today (and why they missed the A)

1.  Baskin-Robbins                                       (just not as good as mateo's gelato)
2.  Other people's babies                            (i don't get to keep them)
3.  My house, just cleaned                          (never REALLY totally clean)
4.  Magenta flowers                                    (better to go with straight purple or straight pink)
5.  NY-style pizza                                         (we live in LA)
6.  Our new pup, Daisy                               (puppies don't wear diapers)
7.  Miracles of modern medicine               (the need for said miracles)
8.  El Nino                                                     (can't hold a candle to real winter or real storms)
9.  March Madness                                      (april letdown)
10. Home                                                       (homesickness)

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