Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons to Live in Los Angeles

Up to the MInute with Willie & Lu

Trying to think positively, I will add to this list periodically.  Let me know if you have any entries...

    trying to work it out, after 13 years...

1.  fuschia    and
2.  passion flowers -- There was nothing half as beautiful as these on Pandora
3.  Trader Joe's    -- I know, I know, it's obvious.  But STILL...
4.  Food Trucks     -- Evolving from the Roach-Coach taco stand; I'm so anxious to 
                       make the rounds from sushi stands and tapas trucks.  
5.  Open Windows    -- Where are the bugs?  There is much to be said about leaving 
                       the doors open all day long, with no screens.  It lets in 
                       that crisp, clean L.A. air

That's all I've got for now.       

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