Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Wires Make the Earrings!

The Wires Make the Earrings

Lately I've expanded my selection of ear wires, and in so doing, lifted my earrings to another level of prettitude.  

Etsy's Betty Brite ( hand-crafts most of these truly lovely sterling silver wires (many of which are available in gold as well).  Here are some of these fabulous wires at play, clockwise from top left:
1) Bent Loop Wires on Jade with a Cherry on Top Earrings; 2)Fleur de Lis Headpins (decorative beading wires, w/standard sheppard hook ear wires) in Sunflower Sparkle Earrings;  3) "Super Cute Spiral Wires" with Venetian Lantern Earrings;  4) Bent Leaf Wires on Aidan's Atherium Earrings (these wires, named for the tiny "leaf" detail at the bottom, start out straight, and I bend them once their beads are in place. Very modern, very chic); and 5) Small Leaf Wires,with Urban Jungle Earrings.  ~  Above right, French Hoops highlight the Purple Majesty Earrings (not yet listed, but available for order).

Here are a few more pictures of Betty Brite's Wires.  We're happy to replace the wires in any of our existing earrings for any of these (a small charge -- usually around $4 -- may apply), and welcome custom orders integrating these styles:

            il_fullxfull.156708987.jpg "Cute Bent Spirals"

Simple Spirals -- Must special-order; allow an additional week for delivery
                          "Flattened Sterling Wires" - Must special-order; add an additional week for delivery

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