Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been a long time since we rock-and-rolled

WILLIE and LU HOLIDAY SALE:  EVERYTHING is AT LEAST 20% off, and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!  We LOVE to wrap gifts, and will include your message on a handmade card -- all free of charge.  Please convo us early for special orders -- We want to make a present that is JUST RIGHT for your loved one!

Things have been a little chaotic here at Willie & Lu headquarters (aka our home).  The patriarch of our cat clan, 18 year-old Cleophus passed away this past weekend -- in my arms (where he'd been for 36+ hours) and completely peacefully, but he did so in the midst of Lucy's 11th birthday slumber party (how guilty did I feel, cordoned off with the cat, NOT helping with the makeovers, spa treatments, and runway challenges the girls had goin' on. Good thing Jeremy has a strong feminine side...).  BIG thanks to Cousin Kathleen, who jumped right in and raised the roof with her stellar dance moves.

We're hoping to show at some local holiday bazaars, so if you know of any schools, churches/temples, or other organizations that are looking for vendors, please drop us a line.  Tell your friends and family about Willie and Lu ~ Ask about our referral bonus!

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