Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Leaves Part 1

Happy holidays! I've moved all the Willie & Lu business to the bottom of the page -- PLEASE check it out, b/c there is a ton of good info and impossible-to-resist holiday specials. Even if you haven't thought about shopping w us this season, take a look.  But first...


 Autumn comes in December in LA, and for the first time in the 14 years we've lived here, we get to SEE it for ourselves: The trees & vines in our re-designed back yard make some of the most beautiful color combos I have EVER seen in fall foliage.  I think colors on the leaves of our southern walls are determined by the amount of sun each leaf receives -- A leaf that has another partially covering it will be green underneath, red (or orange, gold, etc.) on top.  Here are a few photos of the early round; a week later, the colors changed completely, and a week later, we had a wall covered with a beautiful, network of bare branches and the little "ghecko pads that cling to the wall. I'll post pics from the 2nd presentation -- and the exposed wall, which is every bit as interesting (albeit slightly less gorgeous) as the colored leaves a little closer to Christmas.

Above and directly below are three of the photos that I'd hoped to make into Christmas/holiday cards -- The only arranging that I did in these was placing the 4 leaves in the center (representing the four of us), removing a few dead leaves, and tucking the ends of two vines behind the others.



Now for the the business at hand:  There is still PLENTY of time to order Xmas gifts from Willie and Lu. We'll have a little extra time since Christmas is on a Sunday ~ Gifts sent as late as the 22nd have a good chance of making it. I'll do my part to pack & mail quickly: I'll gift wrap and mail your present by the next day and send it priority mail, so you can expect it to arrive w/i 5 days (usually less) in the continental U.S. However, I can't guarantee delivery unless you order expedited delivery. *If you'd like to have your order sent over-night or 2-day, drop me a line.* I will be mailing packages every day except December 25.  Be advised that I'll be travelling on Dec. 18, so orders placed on 12/17-18 may be shipped on the 19th.

Now the really GOOD parts: Through Dec. 16, my blog friends can use the coupon code ULTRABLOG25 for 25% OFF everything in the shop ~ PLUS, through January 5, you'll get FREE pair of earrings (or a gift certificate) with every 3 pair you purchase!  With free shipping & gift wrappingyou can just send me your whole gift list and I'll do the rest! Sip cocoa by the fire with a good book in hand, knowing that you aunt, niece, sister-in-law, mom, BFF, boss, Secret Santa, and even your grandmother will have beautiful, one-of-a-kind, gift wrapped presents from YOU under the tree!  Please note 25% discounts and Free Shipping will END after the holidays (January 5), and the Frequent Buyer plan changes (buy 5 items, get 1 free), so if you have your eyes on something for yourself, don't delay --- If there is something in the shop that you really, really love but can't buy til after the holidays, do drop me a line. We'll work out something.




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