Monday, September 3, 2012


September's here, so I hope things are cooling down for everyone. It's been such a brutal summer! It's just starting to really heat up here, but that's okay -- I'm heading to Denver at the end of the month to take part in my first HORSESHOE MARKET (! This amazing art, craft, and flea market is the creation of my lovely sister-in-law, Amy, and now my brother Doug. I'm extra excited that my aunt Barbara will be by my side, when we're not fighting over my sweet little niece Fiona, who will be 1 this month!

If you happen to be anywhere near Denver on October 6, check out the Market; it's not like any flea market you've ever seen! And if you're travelling through Colorado, catch up with the Horseshoe's travelling markets (held in conjunction with the Colorado Historical Society):


We've just launched our second contest, and you can enter RIGHT NOW, just by leaving a comment at the end of this post! There are oodles of ways you can accrue entries (and the last contest was won by someone who had a lot of entries!). Visit to find out how you can enter to win your choice of item ($30 or less) from the shop! I'm adding pretty new things to the shop as fast as I can, so you'll have lots to chose from. 
Now through September 21 (my Ma's bday), take 15% OFF your entire order with coupon code


We contribute at least 20% of our proceeds to charity, and at least through October 31, we'll continue donating to two organizations that are important to us, UCLA's Pediatric Pain Management Clinic (where Lucy has been receiving treatment this past year) and the American Lupus Foundation. Our first donation was $40 to the Pain Clinic, and we recently donated a hefty & happy $300 to the Lupus Foundation, so the next chunk of change (coming soon!) goes to the the Kids' Pain Clinic. 

Additionally, during the spring, we made two donations -- $60 and $30 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (in honor of our friend, Laura, who was just 34 when she passed away a year ago), and we are continuing to contribute to a fund for Laura's 12 year-old daughter, Eva.THANK YOU to those of you who have supported our giving! Please let us know if you'd like further info about any of the charities we support.

I'll leave you now with just a few pictures of new pieces in the shop. Don't forget to enter the contest -- and keep entering! We'd looooove to hear from you, so get started with a comment below!


  1. I am so excited to see your blog. You know how I love the beautiful earrings you design :) Thank you for the great info on the Horseshoe Market in Denver. I will be in Arizona and Nevada during that time frame but I dont think I will be able to fit Denver into the agenda. Wish I could swing it. I would love to met you and see all your wonderful designs in person. I will be taking advantage of the Fabulous 15 discount to add to my collection though. I can't resist your jewlery creations. My husband calls your earrings my new addiction. Keep up the great work.....I feel an earring jones coming on!

  2. Hi Leighky! Thanks so much for your wonderful note! Sorry I've taken so long to respond, as it took me forever to get organized after Denver. It is time to update the blog! I'm adding pretty new things to the shop (starting today), so be sure to check in now and then, and use that coupon code!

    I'm entering you into our fall jewelry giveaway, and I'll be picking the winner later today. Good luck!

    Thanks again!!!