Sunday, November 6, 2011

Etsy Top Treasury Team - My new link to a whole lot of fun

There's quite a bit of late-night rambling afoot here...

In order to broaden my personal circles at Etsy, I've joined the Top Treasury Team. I wasn't really sure what it was all about, but it's turned out to be loads of fun, as well as a semi-productive use of my semi-creative energies.  In addition to serving as a forum for sharing new items from my shop, it's a team that, of course, encourages the making & sharing of treasuries (if you don't know what the treasuries are, please drop me a line).  The most enjoyable and rewarding part of this for me has been the challenges ~ I won 2nd place in the first game I played! Let me see if I can explain concisely:

Okay...There are over 20,000 members of this team! Of course, a very small percentage are active in the team, but those who are keep things rolling.  About 2 weeks ago, I signed up to be part of the Chain Game.  It went like this: 50 people (i.e., 50 shops) signed up for the game.  The mission was for these 50 people to create 3-4 treasuries that featured ONLY the 50 shops involved -- and to include EVERY shop in at least one of these treasuries.  This is more challenging than one would expect!  Not all 50 shops were full of items that appealed to me, to say the least.  It was often a struggle to find creative connections between items.  Some shops list really unappealing images -- some are blurry, some too small, some have no color, etc..  But the whole thing was FUN.  Not only was it exciting to visit all the new shops and "chat" with the players, but it was a total thrill to see pieces from Willie and Lu featured in oodles of beautiful treasuries!  The goal of this game was to get as many people as possible to visit -- and to check out the pieces listed -- and to "heart" (like/favorite) my treasuries. We all vied for the title of "prettiest treasury". Sad to say, I didn't win "prettiest," but I did get 2nd place in popularity: i.e., one of my treasuries logged over 230 visits!

Now what does one win in a game like this?  Oodles of LOVE!  The other members of the team -- even some who weren't involved in the game -- chose jewelry from my shop to post on their Facebook pages, to tweet about, to post on their blogs, etc.. In other words, it was free advertising of the best sort -- word-of-mouth/personal--and, more importantly to ME, lots of good strokes, which I needed, with my sales down and my spirits lagging. 

SOOO...I'd like to share with you my winning treasury: (I don't know if I've posted this right...)

As is my responsibility and pleasure, I'll be trying to post a few of my favorite items from this week's winner, LCatla.  Here's one..  It's quite likely that none of this will work, in which case I'll try again tomorrow: , when I'll be adding a few more of LCatla's GORGEOUS jewels!  Let's see if I can post another; I am crazy about both the purple and golden topaz necklaces!

Hopefully you've been able to view some cool images and skimmed the rest.  I'm tired, and now, I'll bet you are too. * IF YOU'VE READ THIS, YOU DESERVE A REWARD!  Here's the rarest of all coupon codes -- 25% off for you to use now, later, forever -- as many times as you'd like! Use code BLOGPALS -- Remember, 25% off your entire order!

Thank you thank you thank you!



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