Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Contributions

At Lucy's urging, we've earmarked our holiday (November 25-January 1) donations to Children's Hospital Los Angeles' "Holidays From the Heart" program:  

The Holidays from the Heart Program serves Children's Hospital Los Angeles families who are financially unable to provide for themselves and their children during the holiday season. Hospital social workers identify families who meet these criteria and invite them to be a part of this special program.

Having a chronically ill child has a tremendous impact emotionally and financially on the entire family. The Holidays from the Heart Program seeks to acknowledge that burden by helping families with limited financial resources to have a special holiday celebration that they will remember.  The program is unique because it identifies and acknowledges patients, as well as all family members, who live in the same home and thus are impacted by caring for a child who is ill.
Questions about the ProgramContact Rosalind Grushkin
4650 Sunset Boulevard, Mail Stop #54
Los Angeles, CA  90027
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Lucy has been a patient at Children's Hospital in the last few months, and she's been eager to reach out to the children who must spend a lot of time -- particularly over the holidays -- at the hospital. In addition to financially contributing to the Holidays from the Heart program, we'll be organizing a book & toy donation for the kids who may not qualify for the program, and welcome your participation. 
Thank you for your support!  We'll be posting our year's donation rundown at the beginning of January; feel free to contact us for more info.

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